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Lorem Ipsum Dolor

It is not that I don’t speak Latin, it doesn’t had to do with not knowing where it comes from or how it was used in the past, it is more about that what you see is not exactly what you get.

In websites, web and mobile apps the use of Lorem ipsum dolor it’s been so popular that people take it for granted and uses it for almost everything when doing a demo or a mock up, and of course everything looks great and nit, and fits, YES it fits like charm. But what happens when you change that for the real content? What happens when you have different content sources, creators and providers? What happens when the content changes so often that it’s not the same size even during the same minute? What happens when you use the real language, English, Spanish, French, Italian?

Yes you are totally right, it doesn’t look as great and awesome as the demo, sometimes not even close, it doesn’t fit as nice and nit, it has bigger and smaller words and guess what? Is not Latin.

What I mean is that we already have many sources and ways to get content, fake content or real content that we can put there and do a great demo, a demo more closer to the final product. We are in 21st century people, not the 1500s, we are not on the age of printing and typesetting, the internet is no longer a copy of the printing media anymore and yes, Latin is dead.

I still can’t get it and probably I never will. It may look as a waste of time or effort you are not willing to do at first, but it could save you a lot of stress and time at the end, when the product is finished and you have to do changes because now it doesn’t look like or it doesn’t fit as expected, when the client or your manager is frustrated and you are frustrated.

Just think about it.

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