First things first

Hello, my name is Mario Duran, I am a software developer and I’ve been in the industry for a few years now. I love to code, I love to write a few lines of code  here and there and see them running but most of all I love to learn.

Since I started to create software I’ve always been working developing web applications from plain HTML, ASP classic and PHP (when flash and java applets were a thing) to NodeJs and Python,  but the language I can say I used the most is Javascript.

I know javascript almost since its conception and I use it for almost everything I needed in my web applications development. I’ve seen it grow and the more evolved it gets the better, but even thou I think I have a strong knowledge of it I keep researching and learning about new developments, frameworks, styles and paradigms every now and then, and that is how I ended up learning about functional programming.

At first it didn’t sound very attractive to me because some of the concepts you find out there are kind of complicated and didn’t deliver, but for some reason I kept thinking about it and found out a few sources that allowed me to understand what is it and why it is a great approach and got totally convinced that I need to learn it.

I created this blog with the purpose of documenting my journey trough learning this paradigm and this style of coding using Javascript and to keep me accountable on my progress. Hope this effort helps  others to learn, understand and master it as well.

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