Work/Life in progress

I’ve been working in three different projects, with three different clients and three different teams, been busy as hell but to be honest I’ve been enjoying it a lot.

I work for a consultant company so my day to day job involves diverse clients and projects, I do job interviews every year and I talk to recruiters more often than I talk to my mom (Yes, shame on me). For the last year I’ve been working on a side project at the same time, and it is a project that I’m loving more and more with the pass of the time, but in the last month I decided to another gig, and I call it gig because it involves a lot of stuff at the same time, selling skills, planning, cold calls and cold contacts and a lot of learning in between.

I’m talking about this because I used to think that ideally you should work on one thing at a time and put all your effort and attention into just that one thing in order to accomplish it and to succeed with it, but life has thought me different, and in many cases you won’t be able to focus in just one thing at a time because of something really simple ‘ life happens’. There are opportunities everywhere, there are distractions everywhere and there are responsibilities, so keeping focus in just one thing at this stage of my life is not an option.

Other thing I used to think was that successful people have everything figured out already, and then again life has prove me wrong and that it is not exactly like that. What I’ve seen is that they have goals and they work towards them, everything they do is a step towards that goal, they are determined and they are perseverant, failure for them is just another way of learning and practice  (the hard way). They don’t always know everything, or have all the answers, or even know exactly what to do, but they don’t stop looking or working towards the goals, they don’t stop talking about it and thinking about it and foremost, they manage the other responsibilities in their lives without neglecting the look for those goals.

Being successful is a mindset, having all figured out and have your shit together means to be determined and means to understand that your life is a constant work in progress.

Love the journey.

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